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OK Weartrode 50. Stoody XHC. Sugar Mills Industry. As a single-source partner, we understand the entire process and cost-benefit challenges of reclaiming seasonal equipment. Contact an Expert. ESAB understands the challenges of the Repair And Maintenance industry. Let us propose a customized welding solution.

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Stoody 31 is a tu-bular electrode with an extruded coating. Deposits have a low coefficient of friction and provide good resistance to corrosion and heat. The deposits are not machinable or forgeable. Weldability is excellent with slag coverage that is virtually self-removing. Stoody 31 can be applied to carbon, low alloy, and manganese steels.

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Crusher roll rebuilding systems. Rotary Welder with Speed Compensation. Single axis, torch manipulator. 2 axis welding automation. Large travel 2 axis welding automation. 4 & 6 roll wire feeder, sold separately as well! Horizontal Vers-O-Weld Multi Process Lathe. Vertical Roll Welder. 50 Tips for Hardfacing.

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STOODY® 19 CTD 5/32 Dia X 14 Hard Facing Electrode comes in a 10 lb vac pak and has an extruded coating containing the alloying elements. Electrode is ideal for crusher rolls, dredge pump shells impellers and impact breaker bars. Shielded …

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Roll Crusher - an overview ScienceDirect Topics. The capacity of the single-roll crushers is a function of the roll gap, the roll length, and the speed, and ranges from about 30 tons/h (27 metric tons/h) for a 24-inch-long (61 cm) roll crushing to ¾ inch (2 cm), up to approximately 1500 tons/h (1360 metric tons/h) for an 84-inch-long (213 cm) roll crushing to pass 10 inches (25 cm).

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Nov 13, 2011· In addition to the product name and part number, you can search using keywords such as filler metals, hardfacing, stoodite, stoody 99, electrodes and versalloy. ... Crusher Rolls, Dredge Parts ...

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Particularly suited for high stress applications like cement clinker crusher rolls, Stoody 600 produces a titanium carbide bearing deposit exhibiting excellent abrasion resistance as well as toughness for good impact resistance.

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Nov 23, 2010· Most hardfacing issues relate to metal-to-metal wear, impact wear, impact and abrasive wear, straight abrasive wear, and abrasive wear accompanied by corrosion or high temperatures. Metal-to-metal wear is caused by the friction generated when two metal surfaces rub against each other while rotating under a load.

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OK Weartrode 60 T. Stoody 2134. Agriculture Industry. With a complete portfolio, ESAB offers unmatched product selection flexibility, along with application expertise. Contact an expert. ESAB understands the challenges of the Repair And Maintenance industry.

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Oct 10, 2018· Joined: Aug 3, 2008. Messages: 97. Location: Juneau Alaska. A quick question for those who have welded on roll crushers. I have been welding on these rolls for about 6 years now, usually about once a year. I have tried various rod and the last time I did it, I was sold a McKay hard face rod, but I never did document the exact type.

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Hardfacing Electrode For Hammer Crusher. Stoody Hardfacing Crusher Rolls. Details. Crusher Hammer Hard Surfacing - Garage Maus. Crusher hammer 28 lik the core parts of hammer crusherOur hammer crusher partscrusher hammer use hammer surface or internal . crusher hammers after repairement hardfacing.

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Particularly suited for high stress applications like cement clinker crusher rolls, Stoody 600 produces a titanium carbide bearing deposit exhibiting excellent abrasion resistance as well as toughness for good impact resistance.

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Stoody hardfacing crusher rolls hardfacing coal crusher cing procedure of a roller crusher teeths at decemberhardfacing of roll crusher hardfacing gravel hardfacing and rebuilding of the coal pulverizer rolls rings and other components of …

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Stoody® 1105 Coated Stoody® 1105 is a solid core electrode with an extruded coating containing the alloying elements. It provides good weldability and a high deposition rate. It bonds readily to carbon and low alloy steels. Deposit properties are the same as those of Stoody® 105 wire. Welding Procedures/Characteristics: Can be applied in ...


, a leading innovator and producer of hardfacing and high alloy products, has worked closely with customers the world over carefully researching the various types of wear and corr

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STOODY 100HD STOODY 100HD is a high chromium-iron alloy developed for high deposition rate hardfacing of large surface areas for extreme abrasion resistance. It develops a very tight cross checking pattern. Stoody 100HD is generally limited to 3 layers. Deposits are not machinable or forgeable and can be used in hot wear applications up to

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rollers, conveyor screws, crusher rolls and mill hammers. Applications: Extruder screws, bucket lips, tamper feet, ... WASHINGTON ALLOYS HARDFACING WIRE COMPARISON CHART Washington Alloys Hobart/Mckay Stoody Lincoln Welding Alloys CRMN-O AP-O 110 - AP-O MN-O 218-O Dynamang Lincore M NM-O BU-O 104 30-O T-O


Since that introduction STOODY has developed 100's of Hardfacing and specialty alloys, to be applied by various processes, designed to repair and/or prevent wear. Hardfacing is the most economical way to improve the service life and efficiency of metal parts subject to ... as in roll and impact crushers, swing hammers, and car shredders ...

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Hardsurfacing of rollers, conveyor screws, crusher rolls and mill hammers, tanks, truck bodies, farm implements, pipes, steel castings or forgings 1- Each .045 x 33lb Spool Hardness HRc: 58-61 Use Shielding gas: Co2 OR (75/25 Argon/CO2) DCEP - …

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Stoody Dynamang-O is a high alloy tubular wire depositing a manganese steel weld metal for the repair and joining of matching Manganese steel components used in the quarrying and mining industries. Variations 11446700 - 1.6mm - 15kg 11249900 - 2.8mm - 27kg Self Shielded (-O), Tubular Hardfacing Wire Tough, Work…

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Success Stories. Learn how our customers added value to their business using ESAB Solutions for Repair & Maintenance. Stoody ® 160FC Hardfacing Wire Doubles Service Life of Recycling Press Screw; New Tungsten Carbide Nickel Oxyacetylene Torch Powder Formulation Offers 9% Cost Savings, Excellent Results for Olive Processing Equipment

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• Typical applications include the hard surfacing of crusher cones and mantles, swing hammers, bucket teeth and lips, dozer end plates ... Stoody 130-O tubular hardfacing wire (AS/NZS 2576: 3460-B7) ... • Typical applications include the repair of Manganese steel crusher rolls, jaw and hammer crushers, gyratory mantles, blow bars and dredge ...

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customized hardfacing solution, Stoody will be there from conceptualization through field application and beyond. 2 STOODY ... Applications: Crusher Rolls, Jaw Crushers, Hammer Crushers, Dredge Pump, Cutters, Shovel Pads, Buckets and Teeth, Gyratory Crusher

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Stoody Nicromang and Dynamang products in wire or stick electrode forms are commonly applied for buildup and hardfacing in earth moving and crusher applications for impact resistance. Stoody 110 and 2110 can also be used for this as well as for joining Mn-steel to carbon steel. Step 2. Identify the wear factor

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Pump Impellers Crusher Hammers •Shovel and Bucket Lips •Pump Housings •Dredge and Shovel Bucket Teeth •Mill Hammers FOR HARDFACING Tractor Rolls Chain Links Idlers COMPETITIVE PRODUCTS Stoody® McKay Buildup 32 Manufactured in metric diameters, U.S. customary sizes are approximate.

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Mar 28, 2005· If so you must have adequate vewntilation for the welder as hardfacing is a very smoky job especially with dirt on the area being hardfaced. This is a big safety consideration as I do not know the size of your crusher and if the rolls are stationary or set up with one stationary and one movable crusher roll.

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NEW Advanced Carbide Hardfacing for Crusher Rolls and Segments HANDLING A WORLD OF MATERIALS Call toll-free at 855-483-7721 or email [email protected] to find the sales representative nearest you.

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Lincore® 32-S. Drill stems. You can compare only two products at a time. Lincore® 35-S. For Build-up: tractor rollers, idlers, trunnions, crane wheels and caster rolls. For Hardfacing: mine car wheels, track rails, shafts and bearing journals. You can compare only two products at a …



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Stoody Hardfacing Crusher Rolls. Stoody NicroMang Plus 316 Dia X 14 Hard Facing Stick Electrode comes in a 10 lb pack and is suitable for buildup and joining of manganese steels Electrode is ideal for dipper and tooth buildup crusher rolls dredge parts rolling mill couplers rolling mill spindles crusher jaws impact breaker bars hammer mill ...